Monday, May 20, 2013

Awawa awawawa

'Awawa awawawa' is a new sound Lil Miss G made for the first time today.

Its also a highlight to me of how fast 7 months of my daughters growth and how quick each month now seems to fly by. Milestones, shit, how do I keep up with them all. There have been so many milestones. I struggle to remember the past ones, let alone new ones coming.

One day there is a game my daughter and I get to play and the next time that game is turfed in favour of a different game. I'm loving it though, I am amazed sometimes how quick some changes with her happen.

The real buzz for me now is the look on Lil Miss G's face when I walk in the door for lunch or after work. She looks up at me and slowly a smile will grow on her face and her eyes light up. The connection and love I feel when that happens is nothing like I have ever felt before having a child. Some feelings and connections you don't understand until you become a parent, a father, a care provider. I get that now.

Makes me fall in love with my partner each day anew, because she gives me that same smile like my daughter does. OK cue, oxytocin hormone hit.

Its also getting difficult to remember what life was like before becoming a dad.

Before I was a father, I had a lot of time to do what I wanted, I could do whatever, whenever I wanted. Much of that previous free time is now used in looking after my family. Do I regret that? Not one bit. Do I get frustrated for not much time for me? Sure, I do, yet I also look at finding the balance of ensuring my family gets their needs fulfilled and also ensuring my own needs are met.

I realize, its about growth and priorities. For a long time I had to look after only me. In the last few years that changed with having a new partner and even newer baby. Its difficult to find that balance.

A kiss from my partner, smiles from Lil Miss G and making time to connect is a priority ( a great one at that! )

'Awawa awawawa' from Lil Miss G and all my frustrations on finding a balance are forgotten, and I concentrate on what is really important.

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