Monday, May 20, 2013

Awawa awawawa

'Awawa awawawa' is a new sound Lil Miss G made for the first time today.

Its also a highlight to me of how fast 7 months of my daughters growth and how quick each month now seems to fly by. Milestones, shit, how do I keep up with them all. There have been so many milestones. I struggle to remember the past ones, let alone new ones coming.

One day there is a game my daughter and I get to play and the next time that game is turfed in favour of a different game. I'm loving it though, I am amazed sometimes how quick some changes with her happen.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Setting Up The Blog

Its been.....geez, a good 18 months since I played around with setting up a blog. I also forgot how frustrating it can be.

I have had three blogs in the past about niches that I enjoy. But my blogging and hence my readership, never really took off. Not to worry, I am back to have a crack at this daddy blogging since its something I am VERY interested in doing, participating and becoming heavily involved with.

You, my dear reader get to go on this journey with me, as I stumble, fall, fumble and make a general nuisance of myself with trying to craft a story, post by post, right 'ere.

'Hello World'

'It's A Head!' I exclaimed to both the Triple 000 operator and to my partner who was deep in labour, Ms L. 'I see a patch of hair!', I said, and with that, the final stage of birth was well and truly home.

When you get told that things don't usually go to plan for labour and birth, what comes to mind is caesareans and medical interventions, but our story is a bit different.