Tuesday, June 17, 2014

kangaroodad.blogspot.com Is Moving to A New Home

My blog has been running here on this domain for well over a year now and I truly thank all of you whom have watched my little corner of the world slowly grow into something bigger.

Some of you have been reading about my adventures here, since this inception of this blog and others have come and read stuff of mine recently. I'm also sure there are those whom have read an article once and then moved on to other pastures. That's fine, as this is the nature of our blogging farmlands.

Now, my blog is no longer an adolescent and wishes to stretch its wings to a new home and leave behind this old one.

This is bad news as I will lose some aspects of this blog with link juice and other links gained elsewhere.

This is also good news as I am moving Kangaroo Dad to a new home and will be able to do SO much more with the vision I have in mind for the blog.

Thankyou to one and all whom have taken the time to come and read,

I look forward to sharing with you on my new home,

See you over at kangaroodad.com.au

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Prostate Cancer - Still A Huge Killer In Australia

I am going to admit. I am overdue for my 100,000 kilometre service.

No, not for my car. For me.

I have never been one to be super keen to go and rush out and see a doctor and usually I do when I really feel that I need to. That crazy feeling is when I feel that, naaaaaaaaaaah, she'll be right mate, I will see a Doc later. I'm crazy yes, those crazy feelings, I am finally gotten over that.

But when you have kids, your philosophy of your personal needs changes. Mine certainly did and I visit doctors far more frequent now due to the fact that;

a) As much as I want to believe, I am not fucking indestructible &

b) I'm 45 now and I am in the candidate age to be checked up for Prostate and ensure there are no issues.

Now, hang on, I know some fella's are thinking, OK, I know that gland is there and it's required when I produce semen and have special cuddle time with my significant other. But I don't need it, because. (You may think so due to) I've had The Snip. Or, I don't have any plans for more children. Or, my special cuddle time is only Wednesdays, on my birthday and Christmas (or anniversary).

Well, guess what bucko, whether you use that internal death star or not, cancer doesn't give a flying and may decide to affect yours. Doesn't matter about prostate usage, or not. But it doesn't have to be a scary scenario to get a check on it and make sure your loved ones feel secure you've had yours looked at (when age appropriate)

Also, knowing that I am the mega celebrity here (to my family, my daughter & wife and those 17 readers of this blog) I came across one well detailed article at Laparoscopic Urology Australia which pointed out to me that other mega celebrities have had or been treated for, prostate cancer.

So, know you know, when you reach a certain age, you mere mortal fella's, get checked out and ensure your looking after your health. I know I will be getting mine checked during my 100,000 service.

For more information read about it at Celebrities Get Cancer Too or consult your local health practitioner.