Sunday, June 30, 2013

Do You Have Time To Date Your Partner?

Before my daughters birth,  I knew that significant and important changes would happen after she came into the world. One of those significant changes were the amount of available time I had for me. Previously, I would be able to run out the door to the shops if I needed something urgent for dinner. Grab an hours kip after working a Saturday shift or even sit and watch television whenever I felt the need. That previous free time is used  caring for Lil Miss G and looking after her needs.

Where I previously had loads of time for Kangaroo Mum and I, it's not so readily available anymore. Raising your child takes a significant amount of your time, every day. I did not know how much time until I became a parent.

It soon became apparent to me and to Kangaroo Mum that we both needed two things. A dedicated amount of time to each other and also, some time to spend alone. That dedicated time to each other doesn't happen as often as we'd like for many reasons. One of those ways to get that time is to have a date night.

Now date nights do not always have to be a night event. A date time can be a period of a day (or night) spent with your significant other, without your children.

To me, having this date thingy made a lot of sense. I cherish and appreciate the time I get with Kangaroo Mum and there are times I want her, at a predetermined time, all to myself. It allows for some adult conversation, a chance to reconnect with her and for fewer interruptions from the daily activities of parenting, child rearing and all the other daily stuff that needs your attention (like housework). This also gives me opportunity for me to focus on KM.

Monday, June 3, 2013

How Sick Is That

My day came crashing down last Friday. A small sniffle, that over two  days, exploded into a full blown head cold. I awoke on Sunday feeling more poorly than Luke Skywalker getting pushed into a Taun Tauns belly. Except I do not smell worse on the inside....

Saturday morning I spent feeling quite OK, still having a nose like a leaky valve and attended my best friends sons 10th birthday party. We played Lazer Tag. With 15 other kids, they ran and shot, I walked and hoped I shot....something. I think I shot more 'holes' in walls than I shot other kids. We later returned that evening to celebrate the birthday boys celebration with dinner. I still felt OK, but Lil Miss G was not settling in for her normal late feed and fussed about more than usual. So we left for home.

To top it off Lil Miss G, awoke 4-5 times, during Saturday evening for us to discover that she has cut through with her first tooth. So all that extra fussing from her last feed made more sense. I spent most of Sunday sleeping and taking an inordinate amount of Sudafed and Strepsil tablets. I hate taking any pharma products at the best of times. With me,  awakening Sunday morning feeling like I'd done three rounds with Mike Tyson on a bad day, I saw the look of pleading help from my partner, and I could not help with much with the household or with helping bubs. I could not. Do. Much. At. All.