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Dan Murphy's Growler Station Review - An Old Philosophy Reborn

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Dan Murphys, since April 2013 has been offering craft style beer sales through Growler Stations at their Prahran and Alphington stores.

On Sunday 27th October 2013, Kangaroo mum, Lil Miss G and I, along with Alice from KeepLeft PR with her partner (a self confessed brewed beer aficionado) got together at the Prahran store to experience the concept of a Growler Station for ourselves.

Firstly, a short history lesson! A Growler, in times past, was a galvanised bucket filled with brewed beer, that a pub patron would use as a take home style container. The pressure from being brewed would slowly release from under the lid, making a growling sound as it seeped out. The name stuck, so we still call it a Growler today.

Dan Murphy's has brought this amazing concept to Australia and taken the humble pale and using modern techniques, reacquainted us with the past.

We are, in Australia, a couple of years behind on this concept. It's been operational in a modern format, in the US, UK and Europe for some years. 

In the past, galvanised buckets were used to hold and transport the beer, this is what it looks like today;

Dan Murphy's has available bottles that are 1.89 liters(one Imperial gallon) made of glass or special PVC. In the store you choose from one of four styles available. The bottles are refillable, so you can return to the store for more craft beer!

Now, whats the difference in beers available that are already for sale?

The difference is Growlers allow for smaller boutique style crafted product and provide manufactures a format to run a smaller or limited batch. Since these beers are stored in small commercial kegs, a manufacturer does not need to setup for long term, large commercial production. A smaller beer run also allows for distinctive beers, that are not usually commercially available or otherwise would only be suitable for a short period of production.

At Dan Murphy's, they also provide an opportunity, at a good price base of allowing customers to taste different boutique beers, that you may not always be tempted to try if bottled. Prices of the near 2 litre bottle are comparable to a 6 pack of brewed local / imported beers. 

There are plans for smaller squealer bottles for the future, but the 1.89 litre bottle is the only size currently available.

What are the benefits?

The beer is freshly brewed, so although techniques for making and bottling beer are extremely well practised, craft beer is recently made, crisp, pleasant and refreshing. Bottles of Growler can be stored at home for 7 days and consumed in 3 days after opening.

Your beer is stored in a single container.

The Growler is refillable (reducing the need for glass bottles, cardboard and plastic packaging, etc.)

Purchasing several bottles makes it more convenient to take to a gathering instead of a keg, as there is no need to setup. Simply open the bottle, share it round and enjoy!

What are the drawbacks?

Due to the style of beer being small batch craft style, your choice of beer may only be a limited for a time and potentially no longer available the next time you visit Dan Murphy's.

Potential for very short shelf life and must be consumed rather quickly after opening. Must be refrigerated at all times.

I would like to provide my many thanks to Monty at the Prahran store for his time and invaluable knowledge on this unique product and graciously answering my many questions.

I also would like to thank Alice of KeepLeftPR for her dedication and hard work in setting up the review and product sampling at the Dan Murphy's store.

Finally, I would like to thank Dan Murphy's for the Growler sample I received to assist me in this review. My recommendation is if you enjoy beer and you'd like to try something different, go ahead and give a Growler a try, I bet you will love it!

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